Ceriana was built on the site of a Roman fort called Castrum Colianum. The current city was built in the 11th and 12th centuries and still remains one of the most stunning villages you will ever see. Cerinia has a small population but hosts many celebrations and local events in its square on most weekends if you want to take in some of the local culture. Annual festivals include:

  • San Zane Festival, La Festa di San Zane (San Giovanni)
  • International Music Festival of the Earth, Festival Convegno Internazionale Musiche della Terra
  • Ceriana Sausage Festival, La Sagra della Soucisa a Serianasca
  • The Madonna of the Villa, La Madonna della Villa
  • Chestnut Festival, Festa della Castagna also called Festa de Rust├Če in local dialect, cerianasco

Starting in 2020